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Outsourced sales and marketing for Sport Clubs

Whatever your sport, size or ambition – all modern sports clubs need to be commercially successful both on and off the field to achieve sustainable success. Whether your club has an existing marketing resource or not there will always be more that can achieved by adding our expertise and focused effort. If you are looking to create more income for your club or to make the most of your commercial assets – get in touch. A fan base and a business community are very powerful things and all too often they are seriously underutilised. Learn how to unlock yours and see a great return:

• Flexible outsourced sales and marketing support (full-time, part-time or one-off events)
• Social media activity and PR
• Commercial promotions
• Attracting key sponsorship deals
• Maximising hospitality opportunities
• Increasing ticket sales and match day revenues

We have created measurable, tailored solutions for ambitious clubs looking to grow, struggling clubs looking to survive and stable clubs that simply want to make the most of what they have got.

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Sourcing relevant sponsorship partners to support your club

Whoever first said “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” missed a trick. You see having a large and relevant database is a great start, but it’s what they think of you that really counts. All of our contacts love us and it is because of our reputation and success in partnering sponsors with sports clubs that our list is so valuable.

If your club needs funding or sponsorship then come and introduce yourselves to us and we’ll find the right people to introduce to you. We’ll even facilitate and host the introduction if you need us to – ensuring that both of you find a solution that shouts ‘win-win’.

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Developing and growing sustainable income streams

When a sponsorship model is set up and managed correctly more and more opportunities continue to emerge. The success of the sponsor’s brand promotion combined with the value to the sports club mean both parties can grow and the partnership strengthens. Some of the sustainable, recurring income models we can introduce include:

• Innovative promotion ideas such as club lotteries not sure club lotteries are innovative
• Partner affinity schemes
• Supporter membership programmes
• Regular local Business Clubs
• Dual branded products (joint branded utilities and insurance, club holidays)

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Strategic sport sponsorship to maximise your return on investment

The natural affinity between sport and successful brands makes sponsorship one of the most powerful tools for delivering an ongoing return on investment. The key to making the most of any partnership, however, is managing the opportunities well – not simply displaying your logo. Oomi’s three steps to sponsorship success are:

1. Identify the best club/sponsor partnerships
2. Ensure delivery of all sponsorship benefits
3. Activate all PR and marketing opportunities

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Maximising the opportunities to market your club online

The most popular modern media by far is the internet. It is where fans go to check scores, learn about their heroes, hunt down the latest news and talk to other fans. It is also one of the main ways that businesses will gauge the power, reach and potential of clubs they are considering as sponsorship partners.

A well-structured, targeted and professional online strategy can demonstrate value for sponsors, engage fans and give your club a genuine professional edge. This is one of the most cost effective and highest return activities for sports clubs of any size in any sport. Our online packages include:

• Professional social media management
• High quality promotional videos
• Full match reports
• Well-presented PR and media exposure
• Website creation and management

Specialist sports club websites are available for as little as £100 to £500 per month, or you can purchase yours in full for a set fee between £1500 and £7500

Packages can be any combination of the above and can be managed for a low cost monthly fee.

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Competitive and comprehensive ‘in-house’ design, print and merchandise services

As a specialist in sports club promotion we understand more than anyone how important it is to wear your team colours with pride. And we also know that it is much more than that too… It is not just wearing the logo! A true fan is attracted to anything with their team’s logo on it – and that means you owe it to them to make everything great quality and looking fantastic.

So when it comes to print and design, why not let the sports specialists look after that for you too? We have a complete design team and comprehensive print facility ‘in-house’ which means that looking great is also very competitive. Some of the great ongoing offers we offer to our clients include:

• Monthly magazines printed for FREE* (see details below)
• Match day programme print and design
• Perimeter advertising boards and signage
• Pull up banners and other promotional displays
• Club merchandise: t-shirts, hats, key rings, mugs and loads more
• Innovative print and promotions ideas

*Find 3000 people to distribute a monthly or bi-monthly magazine and we can print and design yours for free!

Place all your print and design with us and you can get your sponsorship deals on our database and website for FREE!

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Oomi are the ultimate win-win partners for both Sports Clubs and their Sponsors


The Right People for Sponsors

We’re on a mission to help Companies find a measurable, reputation-building return for sponsoring Sports Clubs that are representative of their own brand

The Right People for Sports Clubs

Our mission is to build your profile, brand, fan base and income off the field – so you can invest more time, energy and money in bringing success on it…