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Many of the great business minds of today use quotes, philosophies and case studies from the superstars of sport as examples of winning attitude and achieving success. This should be no surprise, because in the same way many of our most successful sports stars have become leading commercial brands in their own right. People like David Beckham, Floyd Mayweather and Michael Jordon have turned sports success into big business.

The natural congruency between business and sport is what makes sports sponsorship such a dynamic and fruitful relationship for both parties and it is where Oomi has learned and honed its expertise. We have created an exclusive network of sponsors and clubs who are looking to find relationships to promote, fund, support and grow their own and each other’s interests – as one.

Successful sponsorship deals are all about meeting the right people, making trust-based, commercial choices and measuring the results. And that’s exactly what we facilitate…


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Meet The Team

Tom Hamlyn Williams
Tom Hamlyn Williams CEO & Chief Sports Income Strategist
When I think of success in sport I see men and women who know what they want and will give their all, on and off the field to achieve their goals. The supporters see the Match Day performance and make their judgement there, but for me it is all the work behind the scenes which underpins greatness. I have been involved in sport all of my life; from my days playing college rugby league, through to managing University Leagues, working for Premier League clubs and then diversifying across other sports as a consultant – and I know that teamwork is what makes a winning team. Setting up Oomi was a way of feeding my passion to help sports clubs find the extra ‘behind the scenes’ help to help give them the ‘on the field’ edge. What I have seen along the way is that by making those partnerships deliver outstanding wins for sponsors at the same time, you always get the perfect result.
Sportsman 92%
Sports Income Strategist 100%
Martin Gladdish
Martin GladdishStory Teller
If ever there was a reason to break from the norm it is when you are trying to get someone’s attention.

It is not just the words you use or the clever one-liners – it’s about making a connection with the reader and the way that they are drawn into your story to want to find out where you are leading them.

And if you have read on this far… then I have proved my point. People might read words, but they engage with stories and mine is all about how to make that happen.

As a best-selling author, ghost blogger and amateur magician I love nothing better than getting inside the head of my subjects (customers) and setting their business ambitions and stories free.

Wordsmith 100%
Social Media 91%
Wayne Wyld
Wayne WyldDesign Supremo
Design is so much more than the way something looks. It has to make a connection and say more about you in the first glance than you could relay in a conversation.

They say that first impressions count, well getting design right is one way to make that count a high score every time.

With a background in brand management for a global food giant and having run creative design agencies since the turn of the century, I am driven by giving great results every time.

Experience is one thing, technical ability and creative talent are another, but when these qualities are combined with the passion to make your design sing… you are guaranteed something beautiful.

Brand Management 89%
Creative Design 100%
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